Way too cute!

Ok, so i needed a present for a little man who will soon be two and I had days to find one.  So hey, I'll knit one up.  Not my brightest idea I'll admit that.  At least I didn't choose a lace pattern!  Nevertheless, the whole lets just knit up a quick gift for someone idea is not always "Quick"  Ignoring the little voice in my head that says, "Just order something from Amazon."  I eagerly searched for a pattern for the little guy.  I stumbled upon this hat pattern from the Knitting Pattern Central website and just knew it was "The One."  I cast on that night as I was reading books with Emma, always the multitasker.   Before I knew it, I was flying through the pattern.  It was really quick and despite errors, contradictions and mistakes in the pattern it was finished.  This time it really was a Quick knit.  

I highly recommend this pattern to anyone who has a playful little toddler they know who loves dragons or dinosaurs.
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