Sunshine, lollypops and rainbows

As I said in my last post we went out of town for the Labor Day weekend.  John's parents were in town from Ohio and it is always fun to be able to share some of the southwest with them.  We spent the weekend in a little hotel in Silver City, NM. called the Palace Hotel.  It was an old historic building with cute rooms and antiques everywhere.  The kids were full of questions about "what was it like a long time ago?"   We did have a lot of rain on Saturday night which fortunately only hampered our plans slightly.  Our original plan was to explore the Gila National Forest, including the Gila Cliff Dwellings.  However, due to excessive rain the road to the Cliff Dwellings was closed. (bummer)  

Just the drive to the Forest was impressive, we saw lots and lots of trees which can be exciting when you live in the desert. (plus the drive gave mom some much needed knitting time! bonus) We were also witness to several small mule deer and LOTS of humming birds.  The kids loved to watch the humming birds.  Mark was so enamored by them, he talked Grammy and Papa into buying him a humming bird feeder for home.  (That's what Grandparents are for!)  Jack and Emma  were able to complete yet another Jr. Ranger program, receiving their 7 th badge of the year!  (national parks were in abundance on our vacation this summer).  

We did venture out on a small hike and were amazed to find tons of sunflowers!  I haven't seen sunflowers since we lived in Ohio!  The sunflowers lined the path and towered over us! It was as if  we were inches tall.  Not just sunflowers but lots and lots of wildflowers.  That alone made the trip worthwhile.  
Since we were unable to stay as long as we wanted in the Gila National Forest we had extra time on the drive home and stopped at the City of Rocks.  We have taken the kids here before and they love to climb and jump on all of the rocks.  Jack loves to play "what does that look like?"  with rock shapes. (Not unlike the game we play with clouds)  We found a face, a dinosaur egg cracked in half, a gargoyle and a Pokemon. (of course)

Here they are being smashed into a kidwich.  Despite our plans changing everyone had a great time!

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