Football, Fall and Fabric

That's right folks it's College foot ball season!
This is Mark's favorite time of year.  This is how he will look for the next few months until the last game is played.  Ever loyal and faithful to the Ohio State Buckeyes.  The only reason he didn't have his jersey on is because he couldn't find it.  (oh don't worry he will wear it dirty.)  So, he watched game after game after game, until mom made him stop to do a book report.  Meany.  Then home from school and on to Monday Night Football.  The good thing for Mark, is that because most games start on eastern time, he can stay up and watch them.  Ah, the dreams of an adolescent boy.  

Mom however was busy doing projects.  Here is my valance I finished for the outside porch.  I am hoping to continue this trend of decorating outdoors to make it more like an additional living space.  As you  can see our grass is still green.   There are no changing of leaves to be found here in El Paso.   The mornings are a brisk 70 and i actually saw a woman today in a wool sweater.  Did I mention I was wearing shorts.  It is however a lovely time to sit out and enjoy the porch.  I miss the fall apple picking, raking the leaves into big piles for the kids to jump into, the blooming ragweed, (OK maybe not everything)  but it is sad to see, or to not see the change of seasons.

Change is occurring here at the house not only with redecorating.  Notice no teef.  Emma was super excited about loosing her tooth and cannot stop singing "All I want for Christmas is My two front teeth."  Although there were some tense moments when she realized the tooth had fallen out of the tooth pillow and was missing.  Never fear, mommy to the rescue, all is well and the tooth fairy made it, minus the Rudolf song.  

I have not picked up my knitting in FOREVER!    So it is a good thing knitting group is tomorrow.   Maybe I will actually finish one of the THREE projects I have on the needles.  (or maybe I'll start one.  I got the greatest yarn on sale at Tuesday Morning---cashmere---ooh-ahh.)  In any rate I finished my block of the month for the quilt guild meeting on Saturday and it brings us full circle to the OSU football.  Whatcha think?
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