The OSU room

Many of you know that mark is a HUGE, Ohio State Fan.  He is determined to go back to Columbus to  attend OSU when he graduates high school.  This weekend when we decided to paint is bedroom of course he wanted it Scarlet and Gray.  Well,  that was just not going to happen!  We came to a compromise and painted one wall gray and will add our scarlet accents.  Thanks to a good friend and Columbus resident we have many, many, many accents.  Fortunately, you can never have too much Ohio State decorations.   As I said before,  Saturday was dedicated to outside, which was good planning because Sunday was too windy to do anything outside.  Sunday we painted.  This meant we ALL painted.  Having lots of help can be a good think, it can also be very slow.   Everyone had a section of wall (low, middle and high).  All sections had to be divided evenly so it would be "FAIR" (sometimes i hate that word)  Everyone had to have mommy approved painting clothing. 

 Somehow simple projects, like painting a room, take on a life of their own and become GIGANTIC projects as the day goes on.  This was one of those.  Mark has an extensive collection of collectibles, (one might say clutter) and like his father and grandfather have a hard time parting with things.  I understand the sentimentality of objects as much as another,  why else would one save a babies lock of hair, but come on!  It took all morning just to remove the 32 sports posters, 4 shelves of trophies and assorted "collectibles".  Mark is also not the cleanest person, not even close.  So we had to straighten and pick up before we could even get to the shelves.  I need to be clearer when i say pick up your room.  I don't mean put it all on the top of your dresser or shove it in the closet. 

 Regardless, we ate lunch and started painting.  The Gray wall was first and went rather quickly.  Then it seemed to take subsequent walls longer and longer to complete.  By the end we were all covered in gray and tan paint.  But the room was painted and the boy is happy.  Within the next month we should have everything back to normal, including the dirty socks back on the floor.
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