Just another day at the park

Saturday we spent the day at the park.  Mark had a soccer game at one so we took off early and made an afternoon out of it.  The park was on the East side about 1 hour from the house.    So we packed a lunch and a ton of snacks.  We arrived at the park in plenty of time.  Which gave the kids lots of time to climb trees, play at the playground and catch bugs.   They were in heaven.  Somehow, the tired and hungry kids that whined all the way to the park, were suddenly invigorated.  They could hardly sit still for lunch.  They climbed and played for over an hour.  You should have seen the teamwork.    Just to get in the tree, Jack would lift Emma and then Emma would pull Jack up.  Very Cute!  I even heard one parent say to his little boy, "Even that
Girl could get up there!"  (I just want you to now i took offense to that but let the guy go  because Emma was so proud.) 
Mark's soccer game went well and the team came away with their first win. YEAH.   Mark seemed very happy and had some awesome throw-in's.  
Emma and Jack kept themselves busy with their Nintendos and lots of snacks.  Emma and I even did some arts and crafts.  Here is our chain of paper dolls.  If you look closely you can see Emma's Elvis doll.

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