Yesterday, it seems, was a very hard day for the kids.  There must have been something in the air.  Everyone had a bad day.  Mark and Jack had disagreements with friends and were awful moods when they came home.  Both were frustrated, angry and just plain grouchy.  As kids can get, it seemed as if  the world was about to end!!  I had multiple hats on, math tutor, chef, and psychological counselor.  I couldn't wait for John to get home!  When he finally made it home I briefed him on the day and gave him his assignment.  John went off to spend time with Jack while I sat down with mark.  When all was settled down I went upstairs to see how John and Jack were fairing.  They were busy playing tickle torture so I left them alone.  After awhile John came limping into our room and said, "My leg has been cut off."  Which was odd because obviously it was still attached.  To which I responded, "how did that happen dear?"  The story I got goes as follows.  After a rousing game of tickle torture, "the boys' decided to play light sabers.  (Not unnecessarily they best choice in hindsight)  After a few minutes of battling they stopped to take a break.  Jack began banging his light saber on the ground repeatedly.  Then he exclaimed, "hey dad!  do you know what I call this?" as he continued to hit his light saber on the ground.  John says sarcastically, "NO, Jack.  What do you call it?"  To which Jack promptly stops,  replies "A Distraction!!!!" then swings and hits John in the shins with the slight saber. 
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