Vocabulary and Sibling Rivalry ?

Mark entered Emma's bedroom at 9:10 on Sunday evening in a panic.  "We have a vocabulary test tomorrow!"  super.  Nothing like the last minute cram session to get you right off to sleep.  After getting Emma tucked away, Mark and I proceed to study his vocabulary.  Now, Mark, I have often been told has a large vocabulary, so this was really not a worry for me.    He shot of the vocabulary words left and right and after 20 minutes we not only had the vocab memorized we had sentences for each one memorized.  His teacher is now requiring, that they not only know the definition, they also be able to compose a sentence using the word.  Makes sense to me.  Off to bed goes Mark.  Anyone who has kids knows on the way to and from school in the car is prime study time.  Often spelling words are reviewed, vocabulary, as in today's case, is quizzed and speeches for science fair  projects are revised.  This morning was no different.  Mark and I first ran through the words in record time.  Then I had him give me the sentences.  For the word arid "El Paso has an arid climate."  ruffle.. "Emma has a ruffle on her dress." (ok, technically it's a pleat) stamina... "Emma and I have to have a lot of stamina to run a 5K race."  adverse..."I have an adverse reaction to vocabulary tests."  Now, I knew he was getting cocky because the sentences became increasingly creative.  mimic ...   "I often mimic my brother and sister."(so true)   At this point Jack and Emma perk up and say "Hey!"  Then they want to know what mimic means.   serene "Emma is rarely serene." (unfortunately also true) Jack asks what serene means and when we tell him,  Emma starts to pout.  Then she makes a grab for Mark.   constrain.... "Jack will have to constrain Emma from attacking me."  Now they are all giggling and Emma is taking swings at Mark.  Jack is cheering her on and Ginger is barking.  Remember I am driving the car! assailant...  "Emma was the assailant in the car on the way to school."  Just another day in the life, but a highly productive one.
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