The Tooth Fairy VS. Rudolf

Happy news,  Emma has lost a tooth!  (cheering) 

 This summer Emma was playing with Mark and his friends  (Sounds bad already).  She was "accidentally", or so I am told, hit in the mouth with Mark's head.  Her two front teeth were struck and became loose, or should I say looser.  After much blood and much more crying the teeth were fine, just loose for months.  Now, thank goodness, the left tooth has fallen out, or was pulled out by mom.  Regardless, it is out.  Emma was super excited to be able to put her tooth under her pillow and get money.  After much celebration, which included dancing, and a little song called, "I lost my tooth."  Which consisted of nothing more than that line repeated hundreds of times,  we were finally able to settle down into bed.  Since she had  been sick for a couple of days sleep came fast.   John has been promoted to official "TF" duty. ( When mom is on TF duty, inevitably the tooth fairy has a bad night and doesn't make it to our house. )  John, money in hand, creeps into Emma's room to carry out his mission.   Seconds later he runs back in holding Emma's Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer stuffed animal, as it plays the theme song from the movie and it's nose flashing with bright red light.  He said he was just about to slip his hand under the pillow when he stepped on Rudolf and Rudolf began to sing.  Like the criminal he is he dropped the money, confiscated the deer and tooth in one swift movement and hightailed it out before Emma saw him.  Disaster evaded.  Looks like further preparations will be required prior to the next mission.
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