I have been up late the last week doing various things such as quilting.  Twice I was purposely up, once I was up dealing with my asthma, and once i was up because apparently a pot of coffee before bed is not a good idea.  Despite my late nights, i have been maintaining a 6:30 am wake-up time.  This way I am still able to have the kids up by 7 am (our going back to school routine.)  This morning I was awakened at 6 am my my neighbors lawn care service.  I woke up thinking, "That cannot be someone cutting the grass at this hour!"  oh, but it was.  My second thought was, "where am I?"  It turns out Emma had a nightmare, which i barely remember waking for, and i must have gone to lay down with her, because that is where I woke up.  Although, the memory of it all is lost.  The neighbor who had the lawn service doesn't even live there anymore!  I made it appoint to call the realtor who is handling the sale of their property and complain.  I should have called and woken her up at 6 am.  But I didn't.  I would like to say it was because I was being nice, but that would be a lie.   Actually, I didn't think of it until after my 2 Nd cup of coffee at 7 am.  Maybe I should start the mower up at 6 tomorrow and give her another ring?  

After grumbling around for and hour.  I  embarked on a day full of deadlines.  I have a quilting guild meeting tomorrow.   Since i put a notice in the newsletter officially announcing my new business, I felt I should take something to show off my work.  I don't know about the rest of you,  but I have a really hard time promoting myself.  So, I have been stressed out all week worrying about my quilting skills.  Trying to get one quilt off the quilting frame so I could get another on to display at tomorrows meeting.  Also, at each meeting we have a block of the month to make, a fat quarter to bring in and I happened to volunteer to bring in a snack tomorrow.   Yippee.  So, today I spent trying to climb out of a hole I dug for myself.  I was up late finishing the quilting on my Christmas Quilt.  This morning I cut out the binding and cut out the pieces for the block of the month.  TA-DA! 

Here is my Christmas Quilt still unbound.  As it is at this current moment because I am typing.  Hey everyone needs a break.

Here is my block for the block of the month. 
Mark and I finished making a banana coffee cake to take in.  Now I just have to finish the binding.  Which always seems to take FOREVER!  Typing it all down it doesn't really seam like i did very much today.  Until you add in the fact I still had to do my mommy duties.  

At about 1-ish we had friends come over which really increased my proficiency.  I sat down to start the binding,  and I got really tired.  I do alright on limited sleep, as long as i keep moving.  Sitting down was a big mistake.  I just kept getting more tired.  I think I poked myself like 20 billion times with a pin or a needle.  (so what's a little blood.  It is red and Christmas is represented by red and green right?)  I really, really, really wanted to take a nap.  But,  taking a nap when the kids have friends over can be bad.  I can see the mom coming over early.  

"Is your mom here?" she asks innocently.
"Yeah, but she's sleeping."  they reply.  
HAAAAAAA!  Not so good. So, I just made a pot of coffee and had a pepsi while it brewed.  Tomorrow I sleep.
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