Project update

I have gotten a few project done recently that i thought i would share.  Just finished a pair of fingerless gloves.  I had been wanting some for the winter here.  I cannot stand to have my fingers covered.  I always feel like i am fighting the gloves to do what it is i want to do.  These were a fairly quick knit and I had a great yarn a friend of mine gave me for Christmas.  It is 100% alpaca and so soft.  I hope it holds up, i would hate to wear through them faster than it took to knit them.  

 i finished a small quilt top.  Mom had given me a "jelly roll" of batik fabric.  For those of you non-sewers a jelly roll is 15-20 different fabrics cut into 2 1/2 inch strips the length of the fabric, stacked on top of one another then rolled up and sold.  I had wanted to make this pattern for several months and always had my Christmas quilt mocking me.  Once i was able to finish my Christmas quilt I started this new quilt.  Amazingly it took only 2 days to cut and sew together.  Now I only need to figure out how to quilt it.  I am so completely happy with it i don't want to ruin the overall impression of the quilt by making the quilting the focus.  hmmm.  Any suggestions?

I still have 2 projects that are in WIP (works in progress).  They took a short timeout and with Mark's soccer practice picking up should get a lot of attention.  I am working on a Pi shawl from Elizabeth Zimmerman and a short sleeved cardigan which with luck i should be able to wear this fall.  Soon I will have to get working on my Christmas shopping and knitting.  If anyone would like something specific please let me know.  I have some really cute ideas for my nieces and nephews!!

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