God Bless You!  Well here we are the second week of school and sick.  Emma and Jack are home today with sore throats, coughs  and fevers!  (Cough, cough, sniff,  sniff)  I have put off taking Jack to the doctor all week hoping he would just get better.  (ahchoo!)  Unfortunately, I was sadly mistaken.  Now, we have a fever too.  I'd forgotten that with school comes illness.  Emma said this morning,  "I don't want to sit next to Marcus anymore.  He always sets his dirty tissues on my arm."  (Gross!  I think my throat hurts too.)  Of all the things kids share, I think they share colds the best.  I guess we have now officially been induced into school, since we are now calling in sick, picking up make-up work and doing make-up tests.  We are off to the doctor this  afternoon for strep tests and possibly a flu shot (Shhhh don't tell that part).  After the Doctor we will have to make a stop for extra tissues, cold medicine, Vick's, Vitamin C, and possibly an antibiotic.  (and a mini-trash can for Marcus).   Wish us well.
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