Farewell To an Old Friend

We mourn the loss of a dear friend this Sunday.  We have known it for over 14 years.  It served us well and was always there when were needed a break.  It was unfortunate set of circumstances that led to the demise of our dear friend.  Some might call it "homicide"  others "old Age".  What ever the name, it was past it's time.  John seems to be taking it the hardest,  calling it a senseless loss that could have been prevented.  Although saddened, I am glad to be free of it's massive size, and look ahead to redecorating.  The rips and tears in the leather now unrepairable.  It could not be saved.  After numerous attempts at disposal, it is survived by the once swivel, and now stationary recliner.   Preceded in death by the white washed entertainment center, coffee table, sofa table and two end tables.   As the first furniture purchased by a newlywed couple in 1994 it represents the end of the 90's decor and the beginning of what we can hope is a new sleeker style.   It was a good sofa and will surely be missed by those who sat on it's comfy leather seats.  We can only hope it finds another family who will love its deeply cushioned seats and large padded armrests.  May it rest in peace.  

We spent the day cleaning out getting rid of two broken chairs and the beloved sofa recliner.  All for the greater good, regardless of what was spoken by others. 


We finished restoring our antique parlor chairs which sit regally in our living room now.  Many of you may not have known that I purchased these on eBay only viewing two pictures and the word of the seller.  After a much to complicated delivery, which took almost 2 months to get here, we finally received them.  John was not to pleased at the condition of the upholstery and I was sure I was about to be baned from ever using the Internet again.  However with much elbow grease and many hours spent researching upholstery.   We finally got to work...

and are very pleased with the results.  Even John admitted we should think about going into the re-upholstery business.  
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