Dogs and Dolls

Today was a busy, busy, busy day.  John worked from home, which always throws me off a little.  Today we also had a moving company coming to drop of an antique bedroom set for Emma along with assorted other things from Ohio.  In addition to needing to go to the grocery i also had to make a run to the post office, the bank, Walgreen, and Home Depot.  The movers were coming at 10 so the bank run was first. COD on the furniture.  Before I  left, I asked Emma to pick up her Bitty Twins and put them away.  Upon returning, i found the dolls on the floor and their clothes scattered around.  Emma, it seemed had forgotten to put them away.  I reminded her and she gave me the usual list of excuses.  I forgot, I had to go to the bathroom, I was going to do it on the next commercial.  (If you have kids i am sure you have heard them all.)  

The movers came.  Emma and i ran the rest of the errands, with the Bitty Twins now fully dressed.  We got home unloaded and the kids decided to swim.  On a trip into the house to get snacks, I once again found the Bitty Twins naked and laying in a pile with their clothing.  I picked them up and noticed they were damp.   I figured the kids had gotten them wet on their way in the house from the pool.  Why is it so hard to dry off before coming in from the pool?  I made a mental note to "remind"  Emma again.  When I did remind her  she said, "i did put them away."  Well if they were put away why did I just find them on the FLOOR! 

 After dinner we were getting ready for a walk, when I heard the kids screaming at Ginger.  It is not unusual for the yelling to go on in our house, so basically I tuned it out.  When I did resurface to take everyone out for a walk Emma said, "Mom, you will never guess what Ginger did?  She took my Bitty Twins!"  I said, "Well Emma, if you would have put them away."  She looked at me, rolled her eyes and through her hands on her hips.  "Mom,  you don't get it.  She didn't just take them.  She undressed them!!"  Sure enough the dolls were naked, for the third time that day and more than a little wet in places.  It appears Ginger not only like shoes, but also enjoys playing with dolls.
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