Ode to a Plant

Sunday afternoon John and I were talking and we realized we hadn't been interrupted in at least 5 minutes.  Odd considering everyone was awake.  We then noticed it was surprisingly quiet.  Not a good thing, necessary.  John went to hunt everyone down.  Mark parked in front of the TV (surprise), Jack playing Lego's and Emma lying on the floor in her room.  John said she was lying on the floor moving her arms and legs as if doing jumping jacks.  What was odd was that she was repeating "Photosynthesis" over and over as if chanting it.  He watched her for a full minute before asking, "What are you doing Emma?" 
 She replied, "Playing."   
"What are you playing?"
"I am pretending I am a plant.  Now move, your in my light." she scolded.
Oh. Ok.  
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