School is upon us.  Today was meet the teacher day.  I woke everyone bright and early this morning, fed them a healthy breakfast (brownies and milk, at least it was breakfast) and threw them in the car.  I was prepared for lots of moaning and groaning, about how summer was too short and they don't want to go back to school.  Oddly enough they didn't complain.  They were actually excited about going back to school.  What that says about me I can only imagine.  The teachers all asked if the kids were ready and they all replied "Yes."  As a matter of fact, Mr. Ochoa,  Jack's new teacher, said Jack was the first student he had that replied they were ready for school to start.  Face it my kids are weird.  We received orientation packets and school policy lists to sign, lunch menus and curriculums.  Emma even received her first weeks spelling words.  Of course, she studied them on the way home, see I told you. Weird. They immediately came home and started going through the school supply lists and sorting supplies, putting their names on them and packing their bags.  Did I mention school doesn't start until Monday.  They did not get their organizational skills from me.   They are actually excited  which i guess is better than the alternative.  I am sure we will still have some fears and anxieties to deal with sunday night.  But, basically they are ready.  

Mark started soccer this week with a new team.  His practices are 3 days a week plus games on Saturday.  This Saturday I sign Emma up for Dance, she wants to do Ballet and Jazz this year.  Then in 2 weeks Jack starts back up in piano and he is thinking about guitar also.  Then it will be back to the constant running of the mommy taxi.  I was worried this summer would go slow and i wouldn't have enough to keep them busy.  I guess I can put that worry away.    Still it will be weird the first day back, having all that free time to myself.  WooHoo!  I will miss them right up until I pick them up on the first day.  
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