Saturday evening we took the kids out for a walk.  They were super excited.  School was only 2 days away and you would have thought it was Christmas.  Safe to say they needed run off a little steam.  We made them all ride their scooters, because walking can actually turn out to be more difficult.   Mark is in the custom of jumping curbs, ramping his scooter and generally trying to get the largest scrape or cut he can.  He has a t-shirt that says, "I do my own stunts!" for a reason.  As the walk progressed the kids established the pecking order.  Typically  it goes by birth order although, we do have bumping , jockeying for position and the occasional illegal pass.  The kids took turns letting Ginger pull them along, (just another something to fight about, we like to keep it interesting).  We came to the church parking lot where there are lots of good curbs, ramps and speed bumps to ride over or on.  Mark came to a median and jumped it clean and landed on the other side.  Jack stopped his scooter and got off and just stared.  "I have Never seen Mark do that before!"  he exclaimed.  He couldn't believe it.  He just kept staring. I got the feeling he was calculating the odds or the trajectory or something scientific.  After about 30 seconds Jack says, "Well I should have said, ' WoW, I've never seen Mark do that without hurting himself."  
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