The Non-Quilting Business

This is a post in which I complain (a lot).   Those with preexisting high stress levels or who are under the care of a physician for anger management will want to use extreme caution.

As many of you may know, I started a quilting business this January.  Since then I have quilted over 50 quilts.  Yeah!  However I have only done 3 for payment and those were for friends.  Jean, my mentor, has referred  customers to me (all of whom total 2) which is super nice since she also has a long arm quilting business.  Both of them made appointments and never showed.   (Pulling hair out at this moment)  I have dropped business cards off at all 3 fabric stores in El Paso and NOTHING.  Not even a phone call from these!!!  I plan on expanding my area a little and dropping off business cards in Las Cruses.  I am so utterly frustrated!  (Patience is not my strong suit.)  I placed an advertisement in the Paso del Norte Quilt Guild Newsletter (which I am a member)  still nothing.  I am very frustrated and disappointed.    What to do????.

Meanwhile, I continue to make and quilt my own quilts. I am pleased that my skills are to a point where I can definitely see an improvement.  I have been practicing on two new patterns one is pebbles, which I am extremely pleased with.

The second pattern is sort of a loopy flower.  This one has been a bit more difficult for me because I tend to go to fast.  I get carried away.  Before I know it, I have made more of a slinky than a flower.  Practice. Practice. Practice.

I keep telling myself things like..
  • "maybe it's not time yet."
  • "It will happen when it is meant to"
  • "Don't rush it."
  • "Soon."
  • "It's not me, It's them."
  • "Maybe, your crazier than originally thought." (OK, maybe not that one)
But the point is I am trying to stay positive and enjoy the time I have to practice.  When I can quilt at my own speed and I am not under any deadlines.  But eventually, I really would like to have clients.  Everyone has to have goals.
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