I was awakened last night to a noise i have not heard before.  As I lay awake listening to the noise, in my semi-conscious state, I thought "what the @#$@ is that!? and how can I get it to stop!"  John wakes up and says, "It's an owl."  Amazing!!! I didn't even ask the question out loud and he answered me.  I got up and peered out the window, of course since it was 4 am I couldn't see anything, but the noise appeared to be coming from the back fence.  When John got up the bird flew away.  In a matter of minutes the bird was back, this time sitting on our chimney, so that the call came straight down into our bedroom.  Let me just say, Ginger did not like that and was on "high alert."  So we laid their thinking, it will fly away, surely it has to.  After about ten minutes John chimed in with, "OK, it was pretty cool at first.  Now, it is just annoying."  He got up and went out on the deck.  He said it was sitting up on our chimney just hoo, hoohooing away.  Then it looked straight at him (dramatic music playing in the background) and SCREECHED!! then flew away.  Since he got a look at it he decided to investigate it online and this is what it was....A Great Horned Owl.

To get an idea of what it was like click here and play it for about 10 minutes at 4 in the morning.

Next week on Hoog's Wild Animal Adventures...."Coyote or Wild Dog Attacks at Zoo"

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