When you're Right, You're Right

Jack asked me last week why I didn't work when his friend Jordan's mom did. I explained my reasons for staying home, along with our good fortune that I can afford to stay home. I went on to further explain the reasons some women work. I tried to hit all of the major points, financial need, desire to work, enjoyment and personal fulfillment etc. I thought I was given a rather good little life lesson. I realized as I glanced over that what he probably heard was, Blah, blah, blah, blah, mom can stay home with me, blah, blah, blah. I ended my monologue with something my grandfather always said, "There are three thing you don't talk about with others. " Jack chimed in "Yea, you told me that before, MONEY, POLITICS and RELIGION. " "But why don't you talk about those things?" I tried my best to explain that all three were emotionally charged items. I went on to say that people tend to feel very strongly about those items. I stated when people discuss these items conversations can get very heated. People have their beliefs and are not usually happy to hear that you think differently than they do. And many times I think what people hear is they are wrong and you are right. He sat quietly for a while and then said, "But, what if you really are right?" I can see this conversation may need to be repeated.
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