The Date

Many of you know I had my date with "The Seam Ripper" yesterday. It went well enough. We met at a quaint little place I know. We exchanged pleasantries over coffee. At least, I had coffee. He on the other hand, said coffee made him slow and rusty, and declined beverages. Although, he helped himself to the string cheese with an appetite that resembled the average middle schooler. He set about his business in a most industrious fashion, and it was obvious he had been about this business quite awhile. I was anxious to get on my way and limited my polite conversation as much as possible. I inserted my mmm's and ooo's where I felt it was most appropriate and added an occasional head nod just to fein my interest. He was a sharp witted fellow and had me laughing at the inaccuracy of my mistakes, but didn't at all make me feel inferior. I did have to listen to him ramble on and on regarding the stature of cutting utensils. It seems he is a bit affronted by the rise in social status of the rotary cutter. One can only assume this is due to the recent prominence of ads and the fact that they did not, as he saw it come from "old money." All and all it was a most tolerable visit and one I hope I shall not have to repeat for many years.
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