Fabric Basket

Tomorrow is Jack's teachers Birthday. Normally I am not big on teacher birthdays. I believe this is the first I have ever known about, before the actual event. Jack's teacher, Mrs. Taylor is a big believer in Birthday Celebrations. Which is, I think, Great! Anymore the kids are not allow to celebrate birthdays in school. In El Paso we had one day a month where they were allowed to celebrate all the birthdays of the month. Since they were only allowed one party a month this usually coincided with the party theme of the month, (ie Christmas, Valentine's Day etc.) Not very exciting or very special to the birthday boy/girl. Jack "LOVES" Mrs. Taylor and really, really, really wanted to buy her a birthday present. I on the other hand did not want to buy anything. However, in the spirit of Giving and Celebrating I made this. A cute little fabric basket. Want to know how to make one. Check out the Pink Penguin here It was super simple and very quick. I think it took me less time than it would have to mop my floor, the task that was on the agenda for today. Not to mention it was so much more fun! And Jack was so impressed he said, "Thanks mom! Too bad Mrs. Taylor doesn't knit, it looks like a great place to hold yarn!" That's my boy!

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