A Day Later.

What a difference a day makes. All day yesterday the snow melted away. The dripping water was so loud sometimes it sounded like rain. Don't worry, it didn't stop anyone from playing in every last flake. Here is the snowman Emma built yesterday while her brothers abandoned her to go play with their friends. Aww. Don't feel too bad for her. Dad stepped in and helped her build a bigger snowman in the front yard. He said, "He felt bad that she didn't have anyone to play with." Really I think he just needed to play too. (Who was feeling left out?) LOL.

Here are the kids outside this morning before church, with no coats! This is the largest deposit of snow we have left! The kids have big plans for the rest of the snow left in the yard (mostly the spots the sun could not reach!) I heard something about shovels, sleds and a ramp. Should I be concerned?
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