Timing is everything. Apparently this applies with sewing as well as life. My sewing machine has lost it's timing. I am only guessing this is the problem. It symptoms include shredding my thread and not picking up the bobbin thread, therefore not sewing. Which is unfortunate timing since I have hundreds of quilt ideas floating around in my head. I was able to get the newest Ohio State design pieced before this unfortunate event occurred.

O-H-I-O hopefully will be up on Etsy by next week. Hopefully.

My poor beloved White sewing machine sits on my sewing table looking pathetic, with a half used spool of thread resting on top. I took this as a sign that it was time to start quilting. Only after I went searching for everything to load onto my Longarm machine did I realize that I still need to sew the backings. This is not entirely true, I can quilt all the quilts I have that I don't need pieced backings for, 2 total. This is so not the time to loose one of my machines. I have been perusing websites taking this setback as a sign that perhaps it is time to get a new machine. The White is 20 odd years old. I will hopefully have time tomorrow in between appointments to get estimates for the repairs that need done. Maybe one of the shops will have time to fix it this week. God speed.
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