I have been inspired to create a quilt. This may not sound like much to many of you but, I feel as though I have thrown myself to the wolves. It's a kin to deciding to make a dress without a pattern. Granted, I know the basic elements of a quilt and I have made one or 100 before but somehow this step is terrifying me! I was struck by a design one morning. I don't really remember what preempted this only that I had a feeling that I needed to sit down and draw, RIGHT NOW! Call it what you will, divine inspiration, a creative spurt or OCD. All I can tell you is that what ever plagued me in December/January has lifted. I have been sitting down with graph paper, printer paper, lined paper, heck even the backs of envelopes and drawing. It seems the ideas come faster than I am capable of putting them down. I have also inspired Emma and she sits with me daily, graph paper and pencil in hand and draws. I think she has come up with some rather beautiful designs and ones I surely never would have considered. As for my own, time will tell.

In addition to this compulsion of mine, I have been continuing to work on Mark's bigger, badder, better OSU quilt. With the help of Mary's block O template and embroidery blocks it has taken shape rapidly. (THANKS M) .

I am also working on a Bargello Quilt. The quilt guild I belonged to in El Paso had a workshop on it the weekend we decided to depart for S.C. I had already purchased all of the fabric (big surprise, I know) before we left. I had the leader of the workshop send me her pattern and instructions. I have been struggling with this quilt. I cannot remember how I had planned on using all of the fabric, many of my fabric choices seem a bit odd to me. I have already replaced at least two of my original fabric choices and I am still not satisfied. Hmm. Maybe, I really do have OCD? LOL.
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