Projects Everywhere

This was project central this weekend! I cannot believe how many things we worked on! Needless to say the weekend went by fast.

First the refrigerator cabinet.

This is John and Mark's baby. They have been working side by side all weekend measuring, cutting, nailing, grunting and making general male noises. My kitchen has been a bit of a struggle to maneuver in but, it is all for a good cause.

For those of you wondering. The owners of the home before us had a sub-zero, big honkin' refrigerator in the kitchen. We did not want such a monstrosity so we are putting in a cabinet and a broom closet. Yeah!

Emma's Garden quilt top is sewn together. Now I just need a backing. Hmmm.

I was able to sew up a backing and load another of the quilts tops I finished over the summer.
This was the Mad about Plaid.

We have an appointment together with the longarm machine on Monday.

Jack and I were busy making his Valentine box for the BiG Valentine Box Judging contest at school this week. Jack, being in 4th grade, shies away from anything that could be potentially 'girly' so this presented quite a struggle, as you know valentines can be a bit girly. (Or so I am told). He was quite worried about what we should do and it could under no circumstances be pink! I came up with this idea after I found Emma making a paper string of valentines.

This is Jack's Valentine Piranha. Not at all girly as you can see. Very deadly even. I did, however, have to convince him to leave the bloody teeth out.

Emma kept herself busy making creatures out of an eraser and push pins while jack and I made the valentines box. I found these pictures on my camera while uploading the pictures.

I am told one is a dog and one is a spider. The other creatures did not develop quite so clearly.
I finished these Cabled Mittens last night while John and I watched The Reader.

Jack has a love of all things bread, especially homemade bread. One of his favorites are pretzels. He and I made 3 different pretzel recipes this weekend. All from the food network website. While they were all good. These were his favorite!


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