Traveling around the United States has had downfalls, as well as its benefits.  My kids for instance have been exposed to many things other kids of the same age have not.  The have experienced other cultures, races, histories and religions.  It has been an eye opening experience for them to say the least.  Reincarnation was the topic up for discussion this morning while getting ready for school. (I told you.  Quizzing by the mommy gods!)  Emma was discussing the recent death of her Great-Grandma.  This was the first death that touched my children and as a result many questions about death and dying have come up.  Hence, reincarnation.  Our conversation went something like this.

"Mom. Do you think Great-Grandma will come back?" Emma asked
"I guess, she could if she wanted to?"  I replied.
"So she could maybe come back as a bird and live in our yard?"  she asked hopefully.
"Well, people who believe in Reincarnation typically believe when you choose to come back you come back as a higher life form?"  I stated.
"What do you mean?" she asked.
"Well, Because your spirit is here to learn and grow, you die knowing more than you did when you came in.  Therefore if you are a bird and you die you might come back as a dog or a cat."  I tried to explain.
At this point Jack jumped in and said, "So, Emma it might go like this.  A mouse dies and comes back as a bird, a bird dies and comes back as a dog, a dog dies and comes back as a horse."  he rambled on.  Always with the assumption that the smaller animal was less advanced.
"OK. I think I get it."  Emma states, interrupting Jack.
"Emma I wasn't finished." he barked and then continued on, "A horse might come back as a man."  Then he paused.  "Mom, but what is a higher life form than a man."
And because I couldn't resist I said, "A woman."
He proceeded to roll his eyes at me and stated, "No. Seriously. mom."
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