We all hate them. We run into them daily.  Just trying to get a simple task done can be mind blowingly hard at times.  Maybe you have see this.  It seems a man in China was standing on a bridge, contemplating suicide, when he was pushed off by a passer-by.  The would be jumper had tied up traffic for 5 hours and a fed up passer-by evaded police, went up shook the jumpers hand and then proceeded to push him off the bridge!  The pusher said he was tired of said pushy because, he was acting selfishly and only wanted attention!  The pusher had certainly had enough.

I too have wanted, on occasion, to push something into happening when it wasn't cooperating.  Case in point.  After 8 weeks of sulking about South Carolina, I decided to get up and get moving on my quilting.  I had material and patterns for 3 quilts already purchased and gosh darn it I was going to use them.  I set off on Emma's quilt.   I had started it in February, before any of the moving stuff was underway.  At the time, I was determined to get the quilt finished prior to the move.  My goal truly exceeded reality, I was forced to put the quilt away and move it with us.  Until this week it sat and sat and sat.  I had 1/2 of the blocks finished before we left.   I was confident this would be a great place to start.  Setting myself up for a easily attainable goal, I launched headlong into finishing the second half of the blocks.  Well, after getting the blocks 99.9% finished I realized, I had NO pattern.  Yes,  I have the pattern but, the pattern was in El Paso.  roadblock.  No problem.  I can find the pattern online, sure, yeah no problem.  roadblock.  My computer is not cooperating fully with the McCalls Quilting website and I am unable to access the pattern this way.   roadblock.  The Library!  Surly the Library here has the McCall's Quilting in their periodical section.  Nope.  roadblock.  Ok, ok onwards and upwards.  I'll just "push" on forward.  I'll start quilt 2.  Pattern, check.  Fabric, check. Thread, check.  We are in business.  160 flying geese later (yea and that went so well) I got to the applique.  The pattern calls for machine applique.  Not that I enjoy appliqué, but it is just 8 little leaves, it cannot take long, right?  Then wonder of all wonders, I will have finished the first quilt top here in South Carolina. Woohoo! Let's see, I'll just get the Fusible Web out that I...FLIPPIN' LEFT IN EL PASO!!!  Deep breath.  It's just another roadblock simply solved by going to the store.  Breathe.  I started on the third quilt and would you believe I ran out of TREAD!  Yep another roadblock.  This is why that man pushed the jumper off!  I am sure of it (not that I am condoning pushing anyone off of a bridge but hey,  the human mind can take only so much.)   Sometimes you just have to get up and "push" on past the roadblocks.
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