20 Questions

Every morning I am bombarded with questions.  As if getting three (very tired) kids ready for school wasn't enough to do, I am also at times mentally taxed.  Sometimes I feel as though I am being interrogated by the Mommy Gods.  Here is a sample of what I am asked and have to answer on an average morning.

1. Can I sleep 10 more minutes?  5 more?
2. What is for breakfast?
3. Don't we have anything else?
4. Why is Emma such a grouch in the morning?
5.  Where is my other shoe?
6.  What did you pack me for lunch?
7.  How old is Ginger?  Is that in Dog or Human years?
8.  Where is my sweatshirt?
9.  Do we have anymore pencils?
10.  Did you sign my permission slip?
11.  What is a sarcophagus?
12.  Why are Mark and Jack so annoying?
13.  What are we doing after school?
14. Why do we always have to go to Mark's soccer practice?
15.  What time will Dad be home tonight?
16. Do you think we can go to Disney World for my Birthday?
17. How many lines are in a Haiku?
18.  Is Apollo the god of the Sun?
19.  Why do I always have to do it?
20.  Are you bored when we are at school?

And all before 7 am.  
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