I once met a man..

I know you have all hear the riddle..

On the road to St. Ives I met a man with 7 wives.  The seven wives had seven cats.  The seven cats had seven kittens.  The seven kittens has seven sacks.  Sacks, kitten, cats and wives how many went to St. Ives?

Jack was introduced to this when Grandpa and Grammy were here last month.  Always the tease Grandpa introduced this to the kids to torment them a little.  Jack who has always loved jokes and riddles found this one especially enticing.  So, when Jacks class had joke/riddle day yesterday he proceeded to share this with his class.   The answer as everyone knows is 1. 

 Jack took great pride in tricking all of his fellow class mates with this riddle.  But then low-and-behold he posed the question, "How many, sacks, cats, kittens and wives were on the road?"  Well that threw the class into a tizzy as they argued and protested that this was defiantly to hard and hardly relevant.  Never fear!  Jack informed them he had already calculated the answer.  And believe me they were truly relieved that Ms. Enell was not going to make them do this incredibly hard math.  As he was telling me this story I wondered what prompted this exploration into higher math.  Jack informed me, "Sometimes school gets a little boring and I need to keep my head busy."

BTW it's 2800.
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