What to you get when you take 125 third grades dressed up in historical costumes?  Well you get the Pleasant Hill Elementary School Wax Museum!  As a creative way to get 3rd graders interested in the history of South Carolina, the third grade teachers came up with the idea of having a Wax Museum.   What this in tales is giving each child a famous person to research and write a bibliography.  Then taking this information the kids make up costumes, gather their props, pick out poses and prepare a 3-5  sentence speech about their famous person.  And get this...they did it all at school.  No parental involvement. (Although their were still obvious parent overachievers who spent exorbitant amount of money at Hobby Lobby to prove something to someone.)  Let me tell you it was impressive.  The school was divided into multiple areas such as Famous artist, musicians, famous athletes,  famous war heroes and Heroines, Important Native Americans and Colonists.. etc.  The kids then dressed up in costume, held their prop or props and stood still with a red sticker on their shoulder.  The visitors, mostly parents and siblings, would walk through the school and when they wanted to know something they would push the "button" aka, the sticker and the student would come to life and recite their speech.  Not only was it fun for the visitors but you could tell it was fun for the kids.  I know I learned a lot in the hour I spent listening to the kids I can only imagine what they took out of this after working with their classes for the last month.  
Jack was Josh Turner, a country singer, songwriter.  He wrote songs such as The long black Train, and Firecracker.  Google him.  

Other people I saw there were Woodrow Wilson, Stom Thurmond,  William Perry, "Shoeless" Joe Jackson, Ronald McNair, Vanna White, Leeza Gibbons, Dizzy Gillespe and James Brown just to name a few.
What a great way to make history come ALIVE.
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