A Beautiful way to start the New Year

We spent New Years Eve with our neighbors and their 2 kids.  The kids played the wii and assorted make-believe games, while the adults played spades.  Believe it or not everyone was able to stay awake until midnight.  It was touch and go there for a while.  Well after 2 mojitos and a glass of wine I was so sleepy!  The kids and adults had a blast!  All were sufficiently worn out.  (Although not enough because they were all up by 7:30.)

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day!  The sky was clear and blue with not a cloud present.  It was hot but, there was a breeze just light enough to keep you comfortable.  It was so pleasant I was able to forget that the sun could be so strong here and we all ended up getting a slight sunburn!  Even as I write this at 10 pm it is still 62 outside.  What a way to start the New Year!

We have been very fortunate that the weather has cooperated with our painting.  Today we were able to finish the front of the house (with the exception of the garage doors).  We moved on to one side and almost finished it.  Unfortunately the days are short and we ran out of daylight.  There is always tomorrow. 

The kids have been real troopers keeping themselves occupied while we painted away.  Even Ginger was content to lie in the shade and chew on her bone.  Other than paint we had our evening family walk in which we played follow the leader and ran relays and sprints.  A little unorthodox but it keeps them from whining.  Tomorrows agenda holds more of the same...Paint.  
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