All Boys

Sunday Jack had a piano recital.  Funny how kids think of things.  Jack says he is not nervous about playing in front of an audience because no one knows what it is supposed to sound like.  However, when he went to the Texas Student Affiliation Concert where he had to play alone in front of a Judge, then he was nervous.  This weekends recital was a Boys only recital.  It was very encouraging for Jack to see the large number of older boys who enjoy the piano as much as he does.  And what talent they had!  Jack played a piece called The Juggler with a few modifications in octaves higher and lower.  He enjoyed the piece and was pleased that Nonna even new the words!  He said, "Nonna said it is a really old song they used to play when she was a kid.  How old is Nonna anyway?"  All went well, for Jack.  Mom, however was not so lucky.  The family was less than pleased when we all got ready and showed up at the Church a day early!  Jack even exclaimed, "Awe man, you mean I brushed my teeth for nothing!"  Next concert I check the date (and Jack's teeth) before we leave.
Jack with Ms. Booth and fellow students.
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