Golf in El Paso

It seems that this year is the year for golf in the
Hoog house.  The boys took golf lessons over the summer, which lead to Emma's request for her own set of clubs.  Thanks to Grammy Emma's wish was fulfilled this Christmas.   Mark received new clubs for his birthday.  And now it appears everyone is outfitted with a new set of clubs.  Daddy has been bombarded with requests to go golfing for weeks, therefore this past weekend we made a trip to the driving range.  Now, it a city that is built in the desert you wouldn't think golf would be that popular, and you would be correct.  Even so, we were able to find one and indulge our kids requests.  The driving range is far from what one would consider a driving range in the Midwest.  Basically what it consisted of was a trailer for the office, a patch of over-watered muddy grass, and a ground water collection ditch (very high end). As you will see in the pictures, the kids and all of those at the "driving range", set their tees up on the edge of the culvert and proceeded to hit their balls into the cement ditch.  Sound appealing?  The other interesting feature the driving range had was the markers it used for judging distances.  Most driving ranges have flags or posts to mark the distances.  Well according to the wipe-off board in at the trailer the patch of AstroTurf was 150 yards, the red metal snow plow blade was 100 and the broken down truck was 137 yards.  Always an adventure here.

Needless to say the kids had fun, and we were able to escape without anyone getting hit with a club or ball.  An all-around good day.
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