At a recent JoAnn's sale I picked up two long arm quilting books.

Mindful Meandering by Laura Lee Fritz
Quilting Inside The Lines by Pam Clarke
Obviously I had to try out my new techniques.  Fortunately for me I never seem to have a shortage of quilts to practice on thanks to quilting family and friends.

This quilt was done out of Theater t-shirts my sister had kept.  Mom made them into a quilt when she came for a visit this time.  I quilted musical notes, bass and treble clefs in a sheet music pattern all over.  This turned out well, but I really need to study more of Jack's sheet music prior to my next attempt.
This is a ready made quilt panel I purchased of the bolt at Hobby Lobby.  They had several designs in both boy and girl patterns.  I love that they are flannel, chenille, and terry cloth.  So soft!  I quilted a leaf pattern around the border.  For the body of the quilt I used a meandering Banana Leaf pattern that turned out Fabulous!

I am sure you all recognize this quilt top.  Thanks to a friend and die hard OSU fan,  I have quilted about 12 of these this year!  This one is for Mark!  I have had this for about 6 months and now I am finally quilting it!  Only another 6 months and it should be bound!  (Yeah, yeah, the shoemakers kids don't have shoes either.)  This was fun to quilt.    I used a different pattern for every border and and fabric in the quilt.  Lots of practice here.  I didn't change thread color, which I usually do but I am happy with the results.  Most importantly, Mark is too.
I also quilted this solder quilt, which mom graciously offered to assemble for me.  I just did a basic loop meandering.  I was experimenting with polyester batting, which I rarely use and wasn't sure how that was going to work out.  It is a little "puffier" due to the high loft of the batting but I was surprised the polyester worked out well.
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