Creativity Abounds!

This weekend everyone seemed busy doing projects.  I knitted and quilted away while assisting with various projects the kids had going on.  Here are some of our results.
Mark finally finished his market bag.  He started over Christmas break and then would work on it from time to time.  After his part was done it was up to mom to sew up the bottom and knit the handle.  Now we have a spiffy new bag to help save the environment.
Jack, as always, was knee deep in Legos.  While I'll admit he doesn't really appreciate my design advice, I do come in handy when looking for parts he needs.  Here are two of the vehicles he built this past weekend. The Dragster being from a Lego pattern and the Tank a "Jack Original" complete with missile hatch.
Emma decided to paint this weekend.  Here is her picture entitled "Falling Sky"

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