Murphy's Law

Our dog Ginger is a woman after my own heart.  She loves SHOES.  Not to wear obviously, but she picks out shoes and hides them.  Sometimes I think she is thinking,"Oh, I love these, now they will never find them."  
Mom, came in last week and is currently set up in our downstairs bedroom. Thursday, Ginger discovered her shoes.  While, I don't mind so much if my shoes are scattered around, and perhaps decorated with a little dog slobber, it is really not something everyone enjoys.  Mom, and I set to work and gathered her shoes to find a NEW hiding place, where hopefully Ginger couldn't find them.  Unfortunately for myself, Ginger is much faster than me.  She was sneaking into the room and taking off with the shoes at a rate much faster than Mom and I could retrieve them, and hide them from her.  On one such attempt at sneaking out of the room with a rather attractive pair of boots, I stuck my leg out to try and block her from exiting.  I rammed my toe into the door jam.  Well, anyone who has stubbed their toe can certainly sympathize.  I hobbled after ginger, retrieved the shoe, helped mom finish hiding the shoes and then we moved on to quilting.  After about 15 minutes I noticed the bottom of my sock was wet.  In mid sentence I stopped, sat down, talking all the while and took off my sock.  BOY-OH-BOY!  It was then when I looked at the toe in question, noticed the wet sock was actually blood not water, that the pain finally set in.  I had blood on my newly knitted socks!   The socks were not actually my only source of pain.  My big toenail was hanging on by a cuticle, really.  My plans for the day were scrapped as I decided where I would go to receive medical treatment.   Just when things are going smoothly....
Now, I have a rather large swollen toe, covered with  an equally large bandage.  The Urgent Care Dr. said it could take 6 months to a year to grow the toenail back or on the other hand, it may not grow back at all.  Lovely.  Comically, now the only shoes I can fit my sore and bandaged toe into is a love pair of Adidas flip-flops.

If there is a possibility of several things going wrong, the one that will cause the most damage will be the one to go wrong.--Murphy's Law
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