I have a good friend who sent me several skeins of yarn, in Gryffindor colors, to complement my new Harry Potter Knitting book, Charmed Knits.  I had been eyeing the Hermione hat and mittens set and knew instantly that is what I would make with one of the skeins of yarn.  My downfall was that I had no idea how much yarn was left on the skein.  When I finished the first mitten with the end of the skein you can imagine my sorrow.  Here are the lonely hat and lone mitten.  See how sad the look, because they are incomplete without their mate.
Now, I could go out and buy a new skein since there is no dye lot of this brand and color.  But, what is the point of having lots of knitting friends if not to share from each others stash.  I am begging and pleading if anyone has in their stash a yarn from TLC ESSENTIALS by Red Heart in claret that I could have and use to complete my mittens I would forever be grateful. Please let me know by post, email, or owl.  Thanks a million.
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