Painting our way into the New Year

We have been putting it off.  I'll admit it.  Our house has needed painting since we moved in and we just keep patching and "touching up" spots here and there.  Well, we have finally committed. Due to the extended vacation, or layoff, which John was given we decided we had the time.  Maybe not the money, but definitely the time.  It took John the better part of the week and a case and a half of stucco spackle to cover all of the cracks.  We picked out a color(Stone Manor) to complement our new xeroscaping and our gray roof.  This week after struggling elastomeric vs. latex we started.  So far we have yet to finish one side.  We have gone through 7 gallons of paint, several roller pads and three, 8 hour days of painting, and still we are less than half done.  I'll admit the thought of hiring someone to paint  the house looks better every day.  When you factor in the 5,000$ price tag, it does make you think twice.  We have had great weather and fabulous helpers.  There have been few complaints and there is always a child or adult willing to lend a hand.  Here are a few pictures of our helpers and a before picture of the house.  

With luck, and another 15 gallons of paint we should be done in the next week, I'll keep you posted.  
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