Sights, sounds & smells of Christmas

This weekend was busy, as usual.  It was also filled with holiday cheer.  Emma had her Christmas dance recital where she got to dress up as an elf and dance with her friends. (I ask you, What could be this great?)

  Daddy had the honor of being the parent who had to sit through 1 1/2  hours of Jazz, Tap, Ballet, and hip-hop.  While mom, froze her tush off watching Mark play the first of 4 soccer games this weekend (yup, another soccer tournament).   Mark and I listened and sang Christmas Carols all the way to Las Cruses and back again.  We stopped and got hot chocolate for the way home because we were both freezing (Ok, I got a pumpkin spice latte).  Mark and I had a really great time just talking, without the interference of my other elves.  Saturday,  Emma and I, went to my Quilting Guild's Christmas party.  Once again Emma dressed up as and elf, and was the hit of the party.  She was our Christmas Helper Elf, which made her the center of attention, now who wouldn't love that!  I received Honorable Mention for the Quilting I did on the Challenge quilt.  (Not to shabby for my first entry)   We drank mulled cider, ate way to many Christmas cookies and got to play several games involving fabric (I know go, figure.)    The boys spent the day in Las Cruses at a soccer tournament, where Mark's team tied both games 0-0.   We all sat around and watched The Santa Claus Movie on Saturday night.  Sunday it was time for some serious Christmas cookie making.  Since I had so many good helpers, it only took 1 1/2 times as long as it should.
 But the cookies were still scrumptious!  In between batches the kids set up the train around the tree.  Or should I say TRAINS.  They decided that this year we needed 2 trains, running in opposite directions (and why not).  Therefore we have no room under the tree for presents, and that is just the way it has to be.  Priorities!  
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