Christmas Quilts

My quilting business had an upswing this December.  I was commissioned by three people to do quilts for Christmas.  My cousin Jessica (Hi Jess!)  was smart enough to plan way ahead and get all of her materials to me in plenty of time for me to complete this King size quilt! 

I was contacted in early December by a woman wanting a Queen size quilt done for Christmas.  I told her I was already working  on one, so the odds that it would be done for Christmas were slim.  However, being the quilting powerhouse I am, with the fortunate ability to not do any housework for weeks at a time, I completed her quilt...TA-DA.
One quilt left which is a stadium side blanket for a fraternity friend of John's, who had the unfortunate timing to contact me the week before Christmas.  That quilt I have just started on, and hope to have finished and shipped soon.  
I'll post pictures as soon as I know the recipient has received her gift. ( Nothing worse than getting a late Christmas gift that every one has seen but you!)  Happy Stitching Ya'll!
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