knittin' a little somethin'

How can it be Thursday already!  Believe it or not I started this post 2 days ago!  I think the Holiday Season has defiantly speed up the clock.  I have been knitting, and sewing and knitting and sewing, you get the picture.  I have also been doing the usual holiday shopping.  I wanted to share a few knitting project that I have completed.  First the baby sweater and booties (first time I knit booties)
I knew I wanted to make Emma a shrug and I had the perfect yarn in my stash, but I could not find the pattern I wanted!  It was very frustrating.  So, I created a pattern!  Wow, my very first Kristin Original!  (cheers and applause)  I must admit it was a lot more complicated than I thought it would be.  I think I cast on at least 7 times before I got what I wanted.  The finished product is not 100% perfect either.  I have some modifications I need to make, sleeves are a bit tight on Emma, not that she cares!  But, overall I am quite pleased.   Once I knit another I'll try to post the pattern for all ya'll. 

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