Young at heart-- slightly older in other places

As I mentioned yesterday, tomorrow is my birthday.  In honor of this I am posting a few musing regarding getting older.

You know you are getting older when:

--All of my favorite movies are back in theaters, only now in 3D.
--All I want for my birthday is a quite day to quilt and not to be reminded of my age.
--My children ask me not to tell that story, Again!
--I tend to repeat myself.
--I found myself humming to an 80's tune in the doctors office.
--My kids sleep through the night, and I have to get up at least once.
--I am the only one who knows how to work the VCR.
--I can no long think clearly with the music turned up.
--I am constantly trying to remember....something
--I can never find my shoes, or my keys, or my coffee.
--My first response to "How are you?" is 'tired'
--Coffee is no longer just for all nighters.
--My favorite time of day is nap time.
--I'd rather buy fabric than new shoes.

Have a Great Mother's Day! and A great Weekend!
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