Some of you may have noticed a strange little white tag on the side of the teacher tote I showed you last week.  Maybe you even wondered what it was.  Then again maybe you missed it all together.  Take another look.

Do you see it now? How about a closer look?
There!  Right there!  Do you see it?  My new tags arrived.  I have been dragging my feet, trying to decide just what I wanted to do about labels.  I didn't know what I should put on the label.  I couldn't decide if I wanted a graphic design or just writing.  I just held off, delaying the decision, and truth be told the expense.  I made my own for a while.  I decided that they just didn't look professional.  Then a friend embroidered a few and that became just a little too much to ask of even a friend.  I finally just broke down and ordered the darn things.  They are not fancy.  They do not have snazzy graphic designs or pretty colors. They are a simple white ribbon tag with a black font.  They say The Crafty Quilter on one side and have washing instructions and my web address on the other.  They are the simplest of simple but they are mine.  Yea Me!

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