Teacher Appreciation Vase

This Week is Teacher Appreciation Week.  Our Homeroom Mother has a week full of gifts and activities to help Emma's teachers feel appreciated. In preparation for this weeks, 'Thanks for helping me Bloom" Day, Emma and I made up a couple of teacher vases to hold the flowers the kids will be bringing in.  Both were easily 20 minute projects and Thanks to the Dollar Store cost no more than 4$ each.

This vase used 4 packages of #2 pencils, a glass vase and some ribbon.

This vase used almost 4 packages of colored pencils, a empty powdered coffee creamer container and some ribbon.

With both vases we used hot glue to adhere the pencils to the jar.  The glass proved more difficult only because the pencils had a tendency to come unglued.  We wrapped the pencils with a rubber band and then hot glued the ribbon in place over the rubber band.  This does a great job of holding the pencils in place! We didn't follow a specific tutorial but mixed up a few tutorials and ideas together that we found floating on the internet (look here, here and here).  We also added, (not pictured) a printable  to each vase that says, "Thank You Teacher for a Great Year, that you can find here, at TipJunkie.

With all of these cute projects floating around on the web this year's teachers should feel very lucky!  Thank you to all the teachers who are out there!

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