curvy composition

Once again I have finished up another teacher journal.  This journal is a bit different than the rest.  For this next journal I wanted to create my own design.  Since it is to be given to Jack and Emma's Piano teacher, I decided A Grand Piano was in order. After looking at pictures of Grand Pianos I drew the basic shape I wanted.  I started with the basic curve shape from Rachel's Mod Bud Journal pattern. The next section of the piano had yet another curve learned from my Curves Class, an improv curve.  I added this section to the first.  Next I added a basic rectangle to finish out the piano body.  Having purchased musical fabric back in February, I fussy cut off a key board and added this to the piano body. After finishing off the back with some additional musical fabric, I added the journal (aka. composition notebook)  and TA-DA!

What a masterpiece!  LOL.  Yes, my points are a bit off and perhaps the keys are exactly the way they should be,but the piano is pretty cool.  I am so happy that I was able to take my new skills and blend them harmoniously into a new curvy composition of my own.
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