A rainbow of fabric.

After pressing and starching my rainbow assortment of fabrics, it was time to Cut out Triangles!  I am not a huge fan of templates but it had to be done.  I cut, and I cut and I cut, which seemed like it took forever.  Even after I cut and counted all of my pattern pieces I still came up short?  I am not sure how that happened. I cut some more and filled in the missed pieces.

I laid out all of the beautiful triangles and played with their orientation until I found a layout I liked. To arrive at said layout I had to cut MORE fabric, which came as no surprise.   I stuck with mostly tone on tone, batik or solids but I did throw in a couple of patterns to mix ti up a bit.  I am completely loving how cheery this quilt is becoming.  It makes me smile every time I look at it!

With the quilt laid out on the floor I didn't have the luxury of admiring it there for long.  3 kids and a dog made sure I pieced it together quickly.  And it was quick.  It took me about 1/2 the time to piece this quilt as it did to cut it out.  Don't let that stop you it is still totally worth making. Now the rows are hanging on my quilting table waiting for me to sew them together.


FarahLin said...

Simply gorgeous!!! Can' t wait to see it finished! =)

made by ChrissieD said...

Loving the colours and looking forward to seeing finished top. Know exactly what you mean about not laying things out for long - my puppy is pee pad trained (we live in a skyscraper) but now any fabric laid out on the floor is an open invitation for her! Always have to have the camera to hand and take a quick snap so I can remember my layout and get everything up and away asap :)