One fish, Two fish

Red fish, Blue fish...
Over the weekend I sewed up these little fishes.

I used "love from Beth X's" tutorial  from Moda's Bake Shop for these 2 cuties. They both are made with various brightly colored scraps, ribbons, lace and Minky. Lots of textures and shapes to grab and stuff in their mouths!

 The most ingenious part of this pattern is the use of cellophane.  Beth's pattern calls for sewing cellophane into fins and scales of the pattern so they crinkle. Brilliant!  I used scraps from the Middle School's laminating machine  and they worked perfectly.

The fish are stuffed with normal fiber fill but have an added bonus of a bell, a cat toy to be precise.  How Great is that?  A regular sensory buffet. I have a new niece who is going to love this in 2 or 3 months!  And a nephew I know will enjoy it!

Speaking of little fish.

  Mine had a blast out on the Lake this weekend!  Hope your Memorial Day was enjoyable.

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