In Memory

Jean Loraine Grandin Huber

This weekend my maternal grandmother passed away 4 days before her 92 birthday.  This picture take years ago, was the only proper picture I felt grandma would approve.  Grandma was very proper.  She held fast to traditional of etiquette that today have fallen by the wayside.  She is the reason I still write and mail, not email, thank you notes.  She always used a napkin, knew which side of the plate the wine glass went on, always matched her purse with her shoes and never, ever wore white after labor day.  She always had a smile and a hug for me.  For years she mailed me Cathy Comics from her weekly paper, just because I'd asked.   I never heard her speak poorly of another.  She was not one to enter into conflict, in fact I think she avoided it at all costs. She raised 5 kids, took care of her husband and her mother for years.    She may not have been the best cook but the one thing I could count on at grandma's was that she would have Chocolate!  She was loved and adored by her family and friends.  She will be greatly missed.
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