I'm Not Buying That

Over the years I have learned that there are many, many differences between raising boys and girls.  Besides the obvious anatomical differences, talking far more abundant in girls.  For instance, on any given school day I can ask my boys, "How was your day?"  The standard reply, "Fine."  Not even a sentence. Just one word.  Emma on the other hand never is without a story, a long animated story full of gesticulations and articulate vocal inflections.  She is nothing if not dramatic.

Thursday, she came home full of stories about her school day.

 "Mom!" she exclaimed, "today we talked about consumers and commercials.  Did you know mom that kids are the largest consumers?"

 I barely had time to utter a "yes." before she clamored on.  "The stores target all the commercials at us kids.  They are hoping that we will want all the things they are selling.  When we do find something we want, the stores hope we will beg our parents to buy the stuff we want. so we don't throw a tantrum."

 I replied, "Okay."  and she continued.  "Only I know that doesn't work at all on you.  I told my teacher that when I ask you for something you always say NO.  Then when I ask again you say, "how much is it?"  and then we have to go look at the price, tell you and then you say, 'No' AGAIN!"
"Mom," She inquired, "why do you always ask how much it is if you are not going to buy it?"

I answered, "Because I want you to learn how much things cost."

"Oh, that makes sense. I guess." she stated hesitantly.

"I am glad you approve.  You will have to tell Dad about our discussion when he gets home.  He will be happy to learn I don't buy you everything you want."  I stated.

"Well," she added,"Sometimes, If you are in a good mood you will buy it for me.  But since you aren't in a good mood very often you usually don't buy me anything."
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