A new Hat and A new deal.

I just finished up this little hat!  I know I initially planned on making the Jester Hat from The Yarn Girls Guide to Kids Knits, sadly I ran out of yarn:(  I improvised and came up with  this cute little hat instead.  I just love the way babies look with pom-poms sitting on top of their little heads. 
 Too Cute!

I just found this link to this great Family Fun Deal!  I love getting a deal!  Who doesn't?  I also love Family Fun Magazine.  The have some of the greatest craft ideas.  I turn to them often when I am looking for inspiration.  Almost all of my April Fools day pranks come from them.  Now they are offering this special!  $ 5.99 for an entire years worth of the magazine. For 10 issues that is only 60 cents an issue.  WOW!
Check out the link below for this awesome deal. But hurry the deal ends tomorrow at midnight.

Family Fun Magazine 
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